Lesson | Flatmates

Using photographs of windows and doors, students create the profiles of three flatmates before they watch a YouTube video which reveals the true story.


 You can find the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGeKSiCQkPw

Click to download

You can use this grammar story to introduce:

  •      present continuous (used as an example here)
  •      past simple
  •      indirect questions
  •      reported questions
  •      question tags

1. Show students two matching photos: one  of a window and one of the entrance door. You may want to display digital images. You can find some Creative Commons licensed images here: www.flickr.com

2. Introduce the main characters of the story: Three men (named A, B and C) are sharing a flat. These are their windows and   the entrance door leading to the flat.

3.  Based on that, students develop the men`s identities (names, ages, jobs, personalities, how they met, etc.). NB: At this stage make sure you have all students believe that the flatmates are all humans!

4.  Before you play the video (with the sound off!), present the story background and set up the task: You are going to see a conversation between Flatmate A and Flatmate B. Unfortunately, you will only see Flatmate B`s reactions. Based on that, answer the question: What is Flatmate A doing?

5. Play the video with the sound off. At this stage, students will discover that Flatmate B is a dog.

6.  Before you play the video for the second time, set up the second task: You are going to see and hear what is going on. Answer the question: Who is Flatmate C?

7. Play the video with the sound on. At this stage, students will discover that Flatmate C is a cat and that the dog is in fact taking part in the conversation thanks to a hilarious dubbing idea.

8. Elicit students` answers. Distribute the scripts of the dialogue and have students find the one example of the present continuous structure used in the dialogue (‘You`re kidding me.’)

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