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Hey :)

Thank you very much for your visit here!

Here is a bunch of my lesson ideas. Feel free to taste them, test them and let me know what to tweak.

My name is Milada :)  I am a teacher, CELTA ACT, trainer (all things edu & public speaking), event organiser, project manager and ELT author, based in Warsaw, Poland.

Most importantly, I see myself as a happy edu-resources and learning experience designer.

I have been learning about teaching from my  students since 1997. If you ask what inspires me, expect a long list: stories, images, colours, sounds, flavours, island life, coastline, contrast, change and – most importantly – great people I am happy to meet on my way …

Teaching and learning in full swing

Do get in touch!




Twitter: @miladakrajewska

Now, if you are an inspiration-seeking lesson-designer  who likes to have a sneaky peek now and then, you might  enjoy this one! 


BUDDING LESSON IDEAS– opt for a weekly idea via email.  

I like to look for learning&teaching inspirations all over the place. Get my secret collection of lesson and learning experience triggers: videos, realia, visuals, stories & articles, each with a BUDDING LESSON IDEA attached.

The preview here.  

LESSON PLANS – opt for a monthly lesson plan via email.  

If one email a month is enough and you prefer to get a complete juicy LESSON PLAN, this is your deal. 


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