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Using your own ( imperfect!) drawings, Students work out facts from your life.

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You can use this activity to introduce:

  •      present continuous vs. present simple (used as an example here)
  •      can vs. can`t (abilities)
  •      used to vs. would vs. past simple
  •      past simple vs. past continuous
  •      past narrative tenses
  •      future forms

  1. Based on the grammar point you want to introduce, select 3-5 facts from your life that you are happy to share with your students .
  1. Depending on students` needs, use one of the alternatives below:



Prepare gapped sentences for students to complete, e.g.:

I usually … .

Unfortunately, I … every day.

This month I … . Usually, I don`t.

I`m always … . My partner hates that!

Make a list of contexts to match your facts, e.g.:

My daily routines

My addictions

Changes in my life at the moment

My annoying habits

3. Draw pictures on the board – each representing a different fact from your life, each matching a different sentence/context.


4. Get students to work in groups and figure out what stories you are trying to tell through the drawings. Encourage them to be as creative as possible.

5. Elicit your students` versions of stories from your life. You may want to ask follow-up questions. Then give them the true facts.

6. Invite students to draw their own pictures, swap and interpret their meaning in groups.

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