Lesson | Locked in battle

This lesson about serious conflict is actually on the funny side. Unsuspecting students are discussing issues related to conflict resolution and vlogging, not quite realizing that the conflicts in question originate in a viral comedy video Sad Cat Diary, created by the successful YouTube vlogger Zenfrank1, where you get to see the world through the eyes and thoughts of a cat.  

Minimal language level: B1+


  • a YouTube viral video by Zefrank1: Sad Cat Diary
  • the script of the Sad Cat Diary video
  • posts inspired by the video and created by internauts on Nerdist.com


  • conflict, conflict resolution, vlogging and vloggers

Language aims:

  • speaking: speculating, exchanging opinions
  • reading: predicting (gap fill), working out meaning from context
  • creative writing: Dear Diary vlog entries (based on the opening/closing sentence prompts)
  • language: collocations related to the theme of conflict

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#iELT16 | slides from my presentation at ELT Innovate Conference 2016:

Juxtaposed & non-linear. Training teachers to design juicier lessons.

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2 thoughts on “Lesson | Locked in battle

  1. A great lesson! Couldn’t stop laughing when I watched the vlog.I’m going to test it on my students next week, although I think after the gap filling I’ll just play the video for them, and we’ll read the full entries later. Thank you!

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