Ideas | Shift in perspective

What can you see in the photograph above? An empty room with weirdly-shaped rough-textured wooden walls? Or the inside of a guitar?

This ingenious campaign created by MONA SIBAI and BJÖRN EWERS for Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker takes you on a visual tour of mysterious music-infused interiors, all thanks to the brilliant photography of ANDREAS MIERSWA and MARKUS KLUSKA .

If a shift in perspective makes so much difference to our perception, how would a lesson experience change if we shifted our perspective while designing it?

My new personal challenge, inspired by these photographs:

  • take your regular lesson plan
  • choose a stage in the lesson (other than the initial stage! – the further into the lesson, the better) which would serve as your ‘shifted-perspective’ vantage point
  • re-design the lesson starting from that ‘shifted-perspective’ vantage point and … see what happens!
  • if successful the first time round, try to shift the perspective once again and re-design the lesson once again starting elsewhere  – see how things pan out and where this planning adventure takes you :)



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