THINGLINK: images with embedded content

Whether abstract or realistic, images are a bit like treasure chests: once you ‘open’ or unlock the visual content, what is given explicitly reveals even more of what is hidden deep down.

Imagination sets the only limit to interpretation and extension.

THINGLINK is a free app which lets you embed information into an image of your choice,

thus giving it even more layers of meaning and relevance:

THINGLINK images may act as visual canvas for a lesson.

Here is one such lesson based on a TED talk by Jeff Hancock.

It is all about lies – new lies of the digital age:

the sock puppet, the butler, the Chinese Water Army …

The numbers show a sequence in which learners may explore the topic.

Click on them to reveal new layers of content:

The THINGLINK image about the future lies is embedded in a collage

created with PicMonkey, a free online photo editor:

Single, individual images work just as well with THINGLINK.

Photos: courtesy of Pixabay

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